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Step 1: Create your profile to tell the story of your business. Use images and details to help hosts understand who you are.

Step 2: Nested under your parent business profile, you can create listings for each specific type of service you offer.

Step 3: Helpers with premium toolkits can create exciting deals to offer on the Deals Marketplace. Think of it like GROUPON for hosts, with deals, savings, introductory opportunities for hosts to try your services. You can charge regular currency or HostHelpr tokens.

Step 4: Submit your parent profile to tell the story of your business.

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Your Commitment

 Helpers are expected to create high-quality listings and to respond quickly to host inquiries. Don’t worry, our team will support the initial creation of your profile and even help you with graphic design if needed. As you receive inquiries from hosts, you’ll need to respond within 24 hours. Helpers not responsive to host inquiries will be temporarily de-listed without a refund until the issue is resolved.

Our Commitment

While we can’t guarantee sales, your listing should at least be getting attention. Your subscription comes with a dashboard to see the number of views and clicks you are getting. If you are dissatisfied with those results, contact our team and we will suspend future monthly payments until you are satisfied. We will  work with you to address any underlying issues that can be improved. We want you to feel confident in your investment.

Upgrade/Downgrade at any time

Grow Your Business with the Best- Fit Helpr Toolkit



upgrade anytime

Ensure the basics: that hosts can find your business and contact you directly at any time


$10 monthly

w/30 days trial

Don’t get buried in the search results.  Show off your business and contribute to community posts. 


$25 monthly

w/60 days trial

Extend beyond the reach of your listing, and meet hosts where they need help most.  Place deals in front of hosts and get featured.

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