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Your HostHelpr artist profile will share about you, and your art, as well as some of the logistics necessary to create a good price match between your art and the rental, an excellent aesthetic match, and a good business match.

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You can collaborate with hosts in the following ways

(The art still belongs to you and is available for  purchase to the guests.  You can do this on your own or with the support of ArtUp Co-op, which is designed just for this purpose)

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Welcome to our Construction Zone!

You just found HostHelpr while we are undergoing a massive amount of changes.  Based on community feedback, we are testing out simplified versions of the following new features:

As we are building out the features and sharing them with the community, they will start to take shape. In the meanwhile, please excuse the dust and keep sharing your feedback.  As you can see, we take it seriously!

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