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Helping clients start their STR journey and manage it.

As a coach, I help clients with automation and pricing and hosting. As a manager, I can be as hands-off or hands-on as my client needs. I can be a "virtual manager" and handle guest interactions and pricing, or more hands-on and handle all day-to-day tasks.


  • Property Management
  • Co-hosting
About us

In my role as a seasoned coach, I offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to empower my clients in the intricate domains of automation, pricing, and hosting. My unique approach is characterized by a versatile managerial style that can seamlessly adapt to the specific needs and preferences of each client, ensuring an optimal fit for their business operations.

When it comes to automation, I serve as a knowledgeable guide, helping clients navigate the complex world of streamlining their processes, optimizing workflows, and enhancing efficiency. Drawing upon a wealth of experience, I facilitate the integration of cutting-edge automation technologies, enabling businesses to reduce manual labor and enhance productivity. I work closely with clients to identify areas where automation can make a substantial impact, designing custom solutions that align with their unique requirements.

In my managerial role, I offer clients a spectrum of options that allow for a truly customized experience. I can function as a "virtual manager," taking charge of guest interactions and pricing strategies, thereby offering a hands-off approach that provides clients with peace of mind. Alternatively, for those who require a more hands-on approach, I'm well-equipped to assume responsibility for day-to-day tasks, leaving clients with the freedom to focus on their core business activities.

In essence, my multifaceted approach as a coach and manager is designed to provide clients with tailored solutions that align with their unique needs and business objectives. With a profound commitment to excellence, I am dedicated to empowering businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape, all while ensuring the utmost flexibility and personalization in my service delivery.

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Google Reviews
Came here for a tour and honestly, it was average. Don’t expect too much and you should be fine. I’m pretty sure if you’re a Googler then you’ll get to see more. It was nice to be there, and we were taken to two cafes, see the plants that employees plant and a Google bike that went away as an employee used it then it was the end. It’s much better to walk around yourself, visit the Google Store and hang out at the cafe next door. I had high expectations therefore gave it 3 stars.
Yeah I don’t know what is wrong with Google headquarters but my wife and I went there maybe 7 years ago and went to the campus and it was no problem. The employees were having a party and they greeted us and offered us food and were kind. The other day I followed Google Maps to Google Headquarters and I went into the building that said, “You belong here.” Then I was treated poorly by their security staff who took her name badge and hid it from me. I was told I couldn’t be there and had to walk a half a mile to the Googleplex. I asked if they could give me a ride. No. Before I left, after I called them names for being so rude to me, I walked to the Googleplex store, I looked at some products and then a man came up to me and asked me to leave because I caused a disturbance. So I left and in the way out, gave a dog treat to a man with a dog. Then I went pee in their public bathroom which smelled terrible. I then walked back to my car through the same way I just came and 3 security guards approached me, told me I was trespassing and that they would call the police. They then walked right next to me the whole time intimidating me while I then started screaming obscenities at them because Google is a bunch of holier-than-though, velvet rope scumbags. You can see my encounter online on my social media websites. They were out of line and I will never return. Ever. Google is no Apple and those people are a bunch of sadistic psychopaths who told me to leave for causing “a disruption.” First of all, I didn’t cause a disruption UNTIL you told me to leave when I was trying to give you money for your inferior products. And second, I thought tech companies like disruptors? Well not Google. They have a monopoly that the government needs to break up and they don’t want any disruption to their dominating market share and unfair business practices.
Walked around after a tour of the Vistor Experience. Not really much to see, but I was fascinated with the landscaping and plants. Not too many tech parks have watermelons growing. Lots of pollinators were being visited by their flying friend. Impressive that a company of this size cares enough to do such a good job!
google hosts activities occasionally which is such a great way to being about people together. otherwise it's such an inspiring place to just work in, the cafe has very reasonable prices, the environment is great
Get your Google on and make a pilgrimage you geeks! The butternut squash soup is fantastic! 😋👍 You will enjoy a wonderful experience!
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