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Are you a host AND a helper? Start with one type of toolkit now. You can add the other type later from the main menu.


Host toolkits grant full access to direct communication with helpers, the ability to post and share listings, and to get monthly HostHelpr tokens to spend on deals on the Deals Marketplace.


Promote your services to targeted audience of hosts. Get a toolkit that fits your budget and business goals.

Grow Your Business with the Best- Fit Helpr Toolkit



upgrade anytime

Ensure the basics: that hosts can find your business and contact you directly at any time


$10 monthly

w/30 days trial

Don’t get buried in the search results.  Show off your business and contribute to community posts. 


$25 monthly

w/60 days trial

Extend beyond the reach of your listing, and meet hosts where they need help most.  Place deals in front of hosts and get featured.

Claim Your Existing Listing

Step 1: Search below to see if your business is already on our platform.

Step 2: If you find it, take control of your listing by clicking the “Claim'” button on the right corner of the banner.

Level Up Your Hosting with the Best-Fit Host Toolkit



Host membership is free, allows you to connect to the entire community, and even saves you money! 


$10 monthly

The increased perks of this toolkit are great for hosts who just getting started, growing their portfolio, or hosts who need to post often.

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