Nola STR Association

  • The Nola STR (short term rental) Association is a group for people running STR's and local businesses throughout the city. The goal of this group is to coordinate the efforts of all legal STR in the City to achieve the following...
    -help people view STRs in a positive light
    - be socially responsible to our community and neighbors while managing our STR
    -Give back to the community
    -Support and uplift all local businesses (especially in typically non tourist areas)
    -Educate ourselves on the laws that impact STR
    -Inspire new ideas to improve our STR
    -Increase our buying power to hopefully roll down savings to our guests/renters

  • NOLA, 534 Saint Louis St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130, United States

Contact Person
  • Carley Sercovich
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