Kerry Hugins

I explore the complexities of time, memory, light in watercolor


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Kerry Hugins

  • Artist Statement:
    As Hyperphantasiac, I am an artist, who brings entire worlds to life within the realm of my imagination. Through my three distinct series—the grids, the wildflowers, and my newer dark sky paintings—I explore the complexities of time, memory, light, all while utilizing a vivid and emotive palette that reflects contemporary issues and our intertwined emotional responses to them.

    My unique perspective as a neurodivergent individual, combined with my experience growing up moving from country to country, has imbued my art with a deep sense of cultural disassociation and a rejection of assimilation. In my year-long sojourn at an Ashram, I found a deeper integration of realities and existential musings around my identity as a mother, person, and artist.

    By harnessing the alchemy of color and activism, I seek to transform the exploitation and banality of everyday life into a joyous celebration of the present moment, the memento vivere. Through my art, and my meditation practice which includes my painting practice; I strive to make a contribution to the greater consciousness that we all share, unlocking the sensory aggregates of our collective experience.

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    Art showcased for sale to guests, Commissions and special projects
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    minimalist, painting, colorful, mixed media, representations of nature/landscapes, bold, abstract, prints

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