Clare Wuellner, Local Artist (NEEDS EDITING)

Science-informed art using photography with a TWIST


  • Local Artist

Art by Clare Wuellner

  • Scientist by Training; Artist at Heart.

    Understanding science has amplified my wonder at the beauty of living things and this, in turn, informs my art.

    Photography, artistry, and imagination intertwine with my passion for living things to create images that will astonish you and change the way you look at the natural world.

    The germ of each work is a photograph of a tree.

    With each modification I make to the photograph, the work speciates from the original capture and draws attention to something extraordinary about the tree.

    In some works, I emphasize the architecture of the tree. In others, I use the tree’s branches as outlines for the subject matter found in the negative space among the branches. Some show trees with the amplified vibrancy that I see.

    All of them have stories.

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