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8 Reasons Why

  1. Promote your STR services to hosts.  Have them come to you, instead of chasing them down.
  2.  Enhance the basic description we created. Fix our mistakes.
  3. Customize appearance (add image gallery and video)
  4. Specify how you want hosts to contact you.
  5. Monthly subscriptions range from $10 to $50, based on the size of your business. See here for info.
  6.  No additional charges for leads
  7. Check on your listing’s traffic on your Helpr dashboard.
  8. No commitement, cancel anytime

8 Steps to Sucess

  1. First, search below to see if your business is already here.
  2. If it is, you’ll first need to register an account and be logged in to claim it. 
  3.  Once logged in, find your listing and click the orange “claim listing” button.
  4. Choose the best-fit subscription
  5.  Checkout
  6.  Update the profile information and images so that your business listing looks impressive.
  7.  Ask former clients to endorse you with their reviews. Hosts want to hear from other hosts.  
  8. Respond quickly when hosts reach out. 

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