Console Matison, LPP

Real Estate Transactions, Land Use Planning / Zoning, and Landlord-Tenant

We represent a diverse clientele, including buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, homeowners associations, investors, developers, builders, contractors and others in a broad range of matters involving residential and commercial real estate.


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About us

Console Matison, LLP represents individuals and businesses in real estate, family law, probate, and business development. With big firm experience and small firm personal service, Console Matison is dedicated to providing high-value legal services at affordable and competitive rates to individuals, families, small-business owners, developers, investors and entrepreneurs.

Console Matison, LLP also owns and operates Philadelphia Zoning. Philadelphia Zoning provides professional permit expediting, zoning consulting & project management services to the investor, developer, design professional, homeowner, and business owner.  If your project requires a variance, or other legal intervention, our experienced attorneys can help quarterback the process and take unnecessary stress off of your shoulders.  Whether for a new business, dream home, investment property, or new development, you can trust that your project is receiving the attention it requires to remain on-track.

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Google Reviews
Walked around after a tour of the Vistor Experience. Not really much to see, but I was fascinated with the landscaping and plants. Not too many tech parks have watermelons growing. Lots of pollinators were being visited by their flying friend. Impressive that a company of this size cares enough to do such a good job!
If you're not an employee, you can't see any of the interesting stuff. So it's just a bunch of office buildings in a boring corner of a not very interesting town. If you're interested in the Computer History Museum nearby, by all means do a drive-by while you're in the area. But don't go there just to see the GooglePlex, it really isn't worth the time it would take to get there.
Really enjoyed the amazing Googleplex for a recent conference! The surroundings are delightful to visit or ride a GBike around on the winding paths. The new building is open to the public now!
So disapointed! Everywhere in the internet is marked that there is a Google Store (similar to Apple) but no, here is absolutely nothing for public - even the water in the public toilet did not work. My family just told me to sell my android phone ... sad all the way from Switzerland, just to see the (pretty nice) Googleplex from the outside
Horrible treatment. Person at googleplex out of the blue told me: HEY MA’AM - YOU CANNOT GO INTO ANY BUILDING. Then I asked, can I use the bikes to explore around? He said, NO! So I asked, so just walk? He said, NO! JUST WALK OUTSIDE. HAVE A NICE DAY. Umm what?.. I felt attacked. He was so rude. No idea why. There was a shop but security told me that it was not open to the public. Waste of time. Not much to see. Just a couple of statues and some geese eating grass.
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