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The concept behind HostHelpr is in our name:
We help hosts.

We are the broadest marketplace serving the vacation rental industry.  We don’t just connect you to co-hosts and cleaners, but to every type of service provider and thought leader in our space.  Yes, at first it seems we are sort of like a nicer version of Yelp that is exclusively for short-term rental (STR) hosts.  As we grow you will discover we are also a little like Groupon for hosts, YouTube for hosts, Zillow for hosts, Indeed for hosts… and more, with all the resources and expertise that a host needs are at your fingertip.  You’ll be able to schedule mentor sesssions with indusrty professionals, attend webinars on every subject, and ask for on-demand advice in every domain of hosting.  HostHelpr is an STR marketplace designed to be a one-stop shop for STR industry resources.  

Our belief is that every person and business that has a vested interest in the STR  industry can be helped by our connecting platform.  Big companies and mom-and-pops are all welcome because our industry is a fabric woven of all. Individual hosts and property managers are all welcome.  HostHelpr is a neutral center.  Unlike every other business in the STR industry, we have no ulterior motives.  We don’t sell any of our own courses, products, or services.  We lift up our helpers so they can help hosts. 

At the end of the day, we can grow in a lot of directions, but our purpose is to connect you, the host, to those resources and services that promote your success.

Everybody's gotta start somewhere, right?
HostHelpr started in Austin, TX.

Helping hosts isn’t limited by geography.  As a community platform for a global industry, we can grow wherever hosts have a need for connections.  Some forms of help can be provided remotely, but some forms of help really have to be local. Sicne everybody has to start somewhere, and we believe in leading with the local,  we chose Austin, TX, to focus our initial launch.  We’ve recently brought on Philadelphia and Tampa thanks to amazing community leaders on the ground in those cities.  Next up is the Emerald Coast of Florida!

These first few markets (plus a few more on the way) are the laboratory where we will learn how to serve diferent communities with slightly different needs.  Of couse, we will be working out the technical glitches of the platform with our initail markets, so we have offered our customers in these places a great starter deal.  Thanks for you patience. Y’all are the best!

Need HostHelpr in your area?

If you are located outside of the Austin area, we are starting to seed community strongholds in other places now.  Do you want to establish a strong HostHelpr representation in your market on your own? We are offering affiliate opportunities for movers and shakers throughout the US, who can establish critical mass participation in their local STR market.  Contact us if you are interested in this type of opportunity.

Tampa Skyline Cirlce

Please share your suggestions.
Help us help hosts.

These ideals and beliefs are core to our business model.

Running a business is HARD
Whether you are a host, local service provider, or tech startup in this industry, there are lots of choices to make all the time and you need to hustle to get customers. We make getting customers and resources easier by providing two things: community and clarity.
Trust is EARNED.
We want to win your trust. Fundamentally, we are here to walk your journey with you. We will offer transparency so that you can walk our journey with us, too.
Good RELATIONSHIPS = Good Business
We foster real connections between hots and helprs, not just because it feels good, but because we know it serves the bottom line.
Differences makes us STRONGER
We all have the STR industry in common, but we come from many different perspectives. Our platform is always focused on best fit based, rather than one-size-fits all. All are welcome and respected here.
Generosity HELPS
We are hosts. We are helprs. At the core of our business is the spirit of genourousity. We are always looking for new ways to help hosts. We make space for people's best interests to express themselves. We pay it forward.
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These core beliefs direct:

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We’d also like to hear from you. There is always a link to give feedback in the footer.  Please, overuse it. 

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