5 Ways to Update Your STR

If you’re setting up or refreshing your short-term rental, you don’t have to embark on a full-scale remodel to make your home appear updated. 

Here are five, budget-friendly ways to refresh your space:

Minimalistic living room with line pattern portraits, orange indoor plant

1. Add pattern with peel-and-stick wallpaper or wall mural.

Wallpaper has made a come-back, and there are countless beautiful patterns now available in peel-and-stick application. It’s fairly easy to apply (grab a friend to help) and a budget-friendly way to dramatically transform a room. Boldly-patterned walls can create an upscale feel, and most projects can be completed in a weekend. Try this wall treatment in a small space, such as a powder room or an accent wall in the bedroom, to add major style while keeping costs low.

2. Install board and batten on a wall.

Create dimension and interest by adding board and batten paneling to a wall. Board and batten paneling is typically installed in a symmetrical pattern, either rectangles or vertical lines to draw the eye up. This is a great way to make entryways or hallways feel larger and provide a custom, high-end look.

3. Paint trim and walls the same color.

Typically trim is painted white while walls may be a different color. However, painting trim and walls the same color actually makes a room feel larger as your eye doesn’t have a place to see an “end.” Matching wall and trim paint can be an elegant way to give your room a fresh feel.

4. Hang curtain rods closer to the ceiling.

You can create the illusion of taller ceilings simply by hanging the curtain rods higher (almost to the ceiling) and adding floor-length, flowing curtains. Personally I like drapes that pool at the floor for a luxurious feel.

5. Paint the front door black.

A complete exterior makeover might not be in the budget, but painting your front door can make a big impact on your home’s curb appeal. Use a dark hue for an on-trend look, then flank the front door with potted plants. Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is my go-to paint color for front doors.

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This article originally appeared in Christine’s Vacation Rental Design Blog.

Christine Cowles, a certified Short Term Rental Stylist, and lives in Santa Barbara, CA.
Christine Cowles

Design Tips to Increase Profits & Ratings

Christine Cowles is the owner and lead designer at Vacation Rental Design, an interior design studio specializing in design and sourcing for the short and mid-term rental industry. Cowles helps STR owners increase profits by providing on-point designs tailored to their ideal guests. In addition to her “advice column” here on HostHelpr, she provides both local and remote design services.  She is a certified Short-Term Rental Stylist™ and lives in Santa Barbara, CA.

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